First choice for Sorting, Inspection, Staffing and Warehousing services
Welcome to your preferred & experienced provider of 3rd party sorting, containment, warehousing and contract staffing. AQL has over 1200 full-time trained inspectors with 36 locations spread across 12 U.S. states, all ready to provide rapid emergency response. We are committed to providing the highest level of customer service in the quality assurance field.

"By providing the skilled and trained people to our customers, AQL has become an integral part of the supply chain in every aspect of automotive production."
  Specializing in plant &
product launch programs, 
containment & quality  
engineering services
  Specializing in managing
incoming quality control
at OEM locations
  Authorized to provide
Part Quality Confirmation
(PQC) for Ford Motor
  Authorized to provide
Controlled Shipping
(CS1 & CS2) for
General Motors
  Strong workforce &
traveling teams available
for emergency response

Important news and exciting celebrations
Welcome to your trusted source for AQL news and showcase exciting celebrations. AQL strives to be a highly competent organization that focuses on employee safety and wellbeing. Please visit our News and Celebrations section.

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